Why did I only receive part of my order?

Why did I only receive part of my order?

Your purchases may come from different sellers, each delivering separately to you. If you haven't received your orders within 5 working days, please reach out to our Doctor Anywhere Marketplace Operations Team at hello@doctoranywhere.com.

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    • Do I need to pay a delivery fee for my order?

      No delivery fee is charged for all purchases made on DA Marketplace. However, a $10 delivery fee applies for Same Day Delivery on selected items, provided you select the same delivery day option at the checkout page. Visit us at ...
    • How can I retrieve the purchase receipt?

      After making the payment, you should receive an order confirmation email along with the purchase receipt. If you have not received it, please reach out to us at hello@doctoranywhere.com. We are here to assist you.
    • How can I use a promo code on the DA Marketplace?

      Ready to redeem your promo code? Simply navigate to the "Order Summary" page, input your code, and click "Apply." If your code adheres to the promotional conditions, it will be applied instantly. Please note that that Promo Codes cannot be used for ...
    • How can I raise a cancellation request?

      To raise a cancellation request, kindly reach out to us via email at hello@doctoranywhere.com. Please take note of the following important information: If there is a cancellation policy stated in the item description, that policy will take precedence ...
    • How do I know which items qualify for same-day delivery?

      Currently, only all items from the seller DA Pharmacy (BEA) are eligible for same-day delivery. Do note that same-day delivery only applies for orders made from Monday - Friday, before 4pm to be received on the same day.