Who is eligible to access this service?

Who is eligible to access this service?

All Singapore citizens and long-term residents regardless of whether they are existing DA app users or not can avail of DA Wellness Concierge service.

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    • Cease of TeleART Service

      Kindly note that our Tele-ART service has ceased as of 14 April 2023. Alternatively, you may visit our DA Clinics for the in-person Supervised ART service. Thank you.
    • Is my child eligible for subsidised vaccinations?

      Subsidies are available for vaccinations recommended under the National Childhood Immunisation Schedule (NCIS) at any DA Clinics in Singapore, for eligible Singaporean children who fulfil the age, gender and vaccination history requirements, and/or ...
    • How can I access my medical documents on the app?

      To access your medical history and documents, click on the “Activity” tab and you’ll be directed to a page containing all your past medical records on the platform. You can filter it by prescription, medical certificate, referral and plan. To view ...
    • What does the service comprise of, and what are the associated fees?

      DA Wellness Concierge is a personalised service where our team of experienced advisors will help evaluate treatment options, select the right provider based on your requirements and arrang​e the appointment. There are no additional service fees, you ...
    • Am I eligible for a GPA plan?

      Insurance coverage under the GPA plan is only available to you if: You are between 17 and 70 years old as of your Age Next Birthday (both age inclusive), You are a registered member of the Doctor Anywhere Healthwise Plus Plan, You are a Singaporean ...