What services does Doctor Anywhere provide?

What services does Doctor Anywhere provide?

From video-consultations and claims management, to appointment booking and wellness shopping, Doctor Anywhere is the one-stop place for all your healthcare needs.

Virtual Clinic
Consult a GP doctor on demand, and get medication delivered to you in 3 hours. This service is available at a flat rate 24/7, with no public holiday or peak hour surcharge. You can also book appointment with other healthcare providers, including psychologists and medical specialists.

DA Marketplace
Marketplace is an in-app health and wellness shopping platform that gives you easy access to a complete range of personal health products and services. Whether you need to book a home-based health screening, or purchase wellness products such as supplements and healthy snacks, DA Marketplace has you covered.

DA Network
We connect you to more than a thousand health and wellness partners, including panel doctors, specialists, and anciliary healthcare providers.
DA Claims
Our claims portal gives you the added convenience to manage personal and company claims and payments with ease.

DA Wallet
Our secure e-wallet serves as a singular payment and claims system for hassle-free purchases throughout our entire platform and network.

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    • What is Doctor Anywhere?

      Doctor Anywhere is your healthcare SuperApp. We harness the power of technology and connectivity to combine a holistic range of health and wellness services into a single, integrated platform. From consultations and claims management to appointment ...
    • Who can use Doctor Anywhere?

      Anyone interested in their health and wellness can use the Doctor Anywhere App. For our general practitioner service, anyone with non-urgent conditions is suitable. However, those below 16 years old must be accompanied by a parent during the video ...
    • Who are the healthcare providers on Doctor Anywhere?

      All medical doctors practise in clinics in Singapore and are licensed by the Singapore Medical Council (SMC). They constantly undergo a stringent screening and vetting process by Doctor Anywhere’s qualified panel consisting of medical doctors and ...
    • Can I use Doctor Anywhere for my child?

      Doctor Anywhere is an online platform and all users are required to have an email address. Please note that a unique email address is required for relevant information and documents to be sent to the email account holder, as well as for security ...
    • Can the doctors on Doctor Anywhere prescribe medication?

      Our doctors can prescribe a wide range of medications, which can be useful for infections, allergies, skin conditions, travel or minor injuries. We also offer medication delivery from the clinic right to your doorstep, within three hours from ...