What happens if my Helper's results are positive?

What happens if my Helper's results are positive?

If your Helper's VDRL results (syphilis screening) are positive, we will have to see your Helper for a review doctor's consultation and further confirmatory blood tests (Syphilis Antibody tests). Preferably this should be done at the same clinic where the initial screening was conducted. The repeat blood test will incur additional charges of $20 (before GST).

If your Helper's pregnancy test (bHCG) is positive, you can repeat the test with another laboratory to validate the result. The repeat pregnancy test will incur an additional charge of $30 (before GST).

Please note, that we are required to submit the form and the laboratory test results to the MOM in the event that any of the tests are positive.
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    • How will my results be issued?

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    • When and how will I receive my health screening results?

      It may take up to 2 weeks for the results to be available. Once the health screening report is ready, a copy will be emailed to you.