Can I choose my preferred appointment time?

Can I choose my preferred appointment time?

Yes, feel free to choose your preferred time slot from the available appointment timings when you book online.
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    • Can I choose my preferred appointment time?

      Yes, you may select your preferred timeslot from the appointment timings available when you make your booking online.
    • How can I make an appointment with a specialist?

      To book an online consultation with your preferred specialist on the Doctor Anywhere app, follow these steps: Select "Book an appointment" and then "Specialist", and choose your desired specialty. Browse through the list of specialist profiles. ...
    • How do I make a scheduled appointment to consult a General Practitioner (GP)?

      To book an appointment with a preferred General Practitioner (GP) using our Doctor Anywhere app, please refer to the following steps: Click on "Book an appointment" and choose "General Practitioner." Pick your preferred doctor from the available ...
    • How do I book a Mental Wellness appointment?

      Seek professional guidance from a team of certified counsellors and psychologists with a wide range of clinical experience, in issues including: Depression and anxiety Youth and adolescent issues Relationship issues/Couple counselling Workplace ...
    • Can I choose a healthcare provider?

      Yes, simply click on "Book an appointment" to select a provider. There is also a search bar available if you know the doctor's name or clinic name. You may also choose a provider that you have previously seen on Doctor Anywhere if he/she is saved on ...