What do I need to prepare before the start of the video consultation?

What do I need to prepare before the start of the video consultation?

NRIC/FIN/Birth Certificate/Passport number

You need to verify your name and identification (NRIC/FIN/Birth Certificate/Passport number) with the provider at the start of the consultation. No prescription, referral or medical certificate can be issued to anyone who is not using a real identity or assuming a false identity.

(Optional) Medical equipment

The following equipment may be useful to have with you during the General Practitioner video consultation:

Thermometer to measure temperature
Pentorch or mobile phone with torchlight function to illuminate and provide better visualisation of the body part of interest
Blood pressure machine to check blood pressure and heart rate
Glucometer for diabetics to check capillary blood glucose level or hypocount.
Weighing scale to check weight
Any other equipment that you feel would be helpful for the consultation

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      Our video consultation services are 24/7, on an on-demand basis, which means you can request for a video consultation anytime you need it. However, you have the option of scheduling an appointment for a later time if you prefer.
    • What will happen after the video consultation with the doctor?

      After the video consultation with the Doctor, the Doctor will take a few minutes to prepare the Medical notes and Prescription. Once the prescription is completed, you will receive a notification for you to PURCHASE the medications. This will ...
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      You can consult a doctor on our platform for diagnosis, medical advice and referrals relating to non-common illnesses, if suitable. Before each video consultation, you would need to fill in a pre-consultation survey which includes questions about ...
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      The video consultation will not be recorded by either the administrator, the patient, the doctor or any other party. Any violation of this constitutes a breach of privacy and confidentiality laws between the doctor and the patient and may subject the ...
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      An online video consultation with a specialist on the Doctor Anywhere app will last for an approximate duration of 15 minutes.