What can I use a Mental Wellness consultation for?

What can I use a Mental Wellness consultation for?

Seek professional guidance from a team of certified counsellors and psychologists with a wide range of clinical experience, in issues including:

Depression and anxiety
Youth and adolescent issues
Relationship issues/ Couple counselling
Workplace politics and career counselling
Corporate coaching

Each session will last approximately 60 minutes. There will be no medication prescription involved.

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    • How do I book a Mental Wellness appointment?

      Download Doctor Anywhere app, and create an account. Go to “Video Consultation”, select “Mental Health” and browse your preferred experts. Select preferred date and time and confirm your booking. At the time of the appointment, launch DA app and join ...
    • Who can use Doctor Anywhere?

      Anyone interested in their health and wellness can use the Doctor Anywhere App. For our general practitioner service, anyone with non-urgent conditions is suitable. However, those below 16 years old must be accompanied by a parent during the video ...
    • How much does the video consultation service cost?

      A video consultation on Doctor Anywhere costs:   S$20 for General Practitioner consultations  S$110 for Mental Wellness Consultations (Psycholoigist/Counsellor) $38 for Specialist Module Consultation (Cardiology, Colorectal Surgery, Gastroenterology, ...
    • When can I use the video consultation service?

      Our video consultation services are 24/7, on an on-demand basis, which means you can request for a video consultation anytime you need it. However, you have the option of scheduling an appointment for a later time if you prefer.
    • Can I use Doctor Anywhere for my child?

      Yes, you can use Doctor Anywhere for your child. Please note that a parent / guardian is required to be present during virtual consultations for children below the age of 18. For selected users in Singapore who are not under any corporate or ...