How will the medications be delivered?

How will the medications be delivered?

After the consultation, navigate to the "Activity" tile and click on "Prescription". After selecting the medication you wish to purchase and have delivered, input the correct delivery address and select your preferred delivery timeslot. Please note that the medication will be delivered within 3 hours from the time you have selected. You will also receive delivery status updates via push notifications once your medication purchase is complete, keeping you informed about the delivery.

Please ensure that you are at the indicated address when the courier arrives as the courier will have to hand over the medication to the correct patient.

In the event that there is a (1) failed authentication (2) No person(s) collecting the medication despite 10 minutes of waiting (3) Changes in delivery address after medication has been collected by courier, the prescribed medication will be sent back to its origin. A re-delivery can be arranged at a cost of S$20 (excluding surcharges for Secured Locations). Do take note that there will be a surcharge (that has to be self-paid) for deliveries to Secured Locations below. This surcharge can be paid using the DA Wallet.

*Please note that unclaimed medications due to failed delivery will be forfeited after a period of 30 days. In such cases, patients are required to undergo a re-consultation to reassess their condition and obtain a new prescription.

List of Secured Locations (not limited to the following locations):
  1. Airport Cargo Road
  2. Airport Zone
  3. ALPS Ave
  4. Camps
  5. Immigration Checkpoints
  6. Construction Sites
  7. Jurong Island
  8. Jurong Port
  9. PSA Port
  10. SATS, Aerospaces
  11. Shipyard
  12. Supply Bases