How much does the video consultation service cost?

How much does the video consultation service cost?

Please note video consultation fees on the Doctor Anywhere app are as follows:
  1. GP Consultation:
    1. Standard Hours (06:00 AM to 08:59 PM): S$20
    2. After-Hours (09:00 PM to 05:59 AM): S$45
  2. Specialist Consultation:
    1. e.g. Dermatology, Paediatrics, Orthopaedics: From S$70 / 15-min consult
  3. Mental Wellness Consultation:
    1. (Psychologist/Counsellor): S$110 / 60-min consult
  4. Nutritionist Consultation: 
    1. S$110 / 60-min consult
  5. Lactation Consultation: 
    1. S$100 / 60-min consult
*Kindly note that the fees published are exclusive of GST, and are subject to prevailing GST charges. The GST-inclusive fee will be visible on the Doctor Anywhere app before finalising payment. Medication charges are separate and not included in this fee.

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    • When can I use the video consultation service?

      Our video consultation services are 24/7, on an on-demand basis, which means you can request for a video consultation anytime you need it. However, you have the option of scheduling an appointment for a later time if you prefer.
    • Can the video consultation service be claimed under my insurance plan?

      Major insurance companies may provide plans that cover medical consultations through video call. Please check with your insurance provider if your plan covers video consultation services.
    • Is the video consultation recorded?

      The video consultation will not be recorded by either the administrator, the patient, the doctor or any other party. Any violation of this constitutes a breach of privacy and confidentiality laws between the doctor and the patient and may subject the ...
    • How long is a video consultation with a specialist?

      An online video consultation with a specialist on the Doctor Anywhere app will last for an approximate duration of 15 minutes.
    • How can the doctor diagnose me through a video consultation?

      An experienced and qualified doctor can still diagnose common non-urgent illnesses faced by the patient during a video consultation. They typically do so by assessing your history, current symptoms and by talking with you. If the doctor feels that ...