How does a General Practitioner video consultation work?

How does a General Practitioner video consultation work?

You can consult a doctor on our platform for diagnosis, medical advice and referrals relating to non-common illnesses, if suitable.

Before each video consultation, you would need to fill in a pre-consultation survey which includes questions about your symptoms, health history and payment details. Our platform does not cater to serious conditions; such cases require urgent medical attention at the nearest A&E department of the hospital.

Our doctors are trained to identify urgent cases which are not suitable for video consultations. Our doctors will review each case within two minutes of each video consultation to assess whether it is suitable to carry out the consultation. If deemed unsuitable, the doctor will recommend for you to go for a physical consultation either at his/her clinic or one of your choosing, and you will not be charged for the video consultation.

All documents that have been issued by the doctor, such as medical certificates, referral documents as well as receipts, will be available in-app following each consultation.

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    • What kind of conditions are NOT suitable for General Practitioner video consultations?

      In general, below are some typical conditions that are not considered appropriate for online consultations: Breathlessness Acute or severe chest pain Actively bleeding or deep wounds or lacerations Psychosis or delusions Suicidal thoughts Persistent ...
    • What do I need to prepare before the start of the video consultation?

      You will need to verify your name and identification (NRIC/FIN/Birth Certificate/Passport number) with the provider at the start of the consultation. No prescription, referral or medical certificate can be issued to anyone who is not using a real ...
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      To book an appointment with a preferred General Practitioner (GP) using our Doctor Anywhere app, please refer to the following steps: Click on "Book an appointment" and choose "General Practitioner." Pick your preferred doctor from the available ...
    • Is the video consultation recorded?

      The video consultation will not be recorded by either the administrator, the patient, the doctor or any other party. Any violation of this constitutes a breach of privacy and confidentiality laws between the doctor and the patient and may subject the ...
    • What is the after-hour consultation fee?

      The after-hour consultation fee is applicable to the General Practitioner (GP) video consultations outside standard hours: Standard Hours (06:00 AM to 08:59 PM): S$20 After-Hours (09:00 PM to 05:59 AM): S$45 *Kindly note that the fees published are ...