OTC medication same-day delivery

How do I know which items qualify for same-day delivery?

Currently, only all items from the seller DA Pharmacy (BEA) are eligible for same-day delivery. Do note that same-day delivery only applies for orders made from Monday - Friday, before 4pm to be received on the same day. 
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    • Do I need to pay a delivery fee for my order?

      There is no delivery fee charged for all purchases made on DA Marketplace. Visit us at marketplace.doctoranywhere.com to start shopping! 
    • How are products delivered to me?

      After confirming your product for purchase, do ensure that you have typed in the right delivery address. Your product will be delivered to your specified address within 5 working days, unless otherwise stated in the product description. The courier ...
    • What do I do if I encounter payment issues on Marketplace?

      Please reach out to our Doctor Anywhere Marketplace Operations Team at hello@doctoranywhere.com. Response time is usually within 1 working day. 
    • How do I raise a return / refund request?

      To raise a return / refund request, please contact us at hello@doctoranywhere.com. Return & refund requests must be made within 14 days from date of purchase. Please clearly state your return / refund reason(s) and include attachments that may be ...
    • How can I raise a cancellation request?

      To raise a cancellation request, please contact us at hello@doctoranywhere.com. Please note the following: Where cancellation policy is written in the item description, that policy would take precedence over the policy written in this FAQ. For ...