How can I retrieve the purchase receipt?

How can I retrieve the purchase receipt?

Upon payment, you should receive an order confirmation email with the purchase receipt. If you did not receive it, kindly write to us at
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    • How can I contact your customer service team about a purchase I made on marketplace?

      For any enquiries with regards to DA Marketplace purchases, please reach us at
    • How do I view my past purchases?

      There are 2 ways to view your past purchases. Please note that you must be a registered user of DA marketplace to view your purchase history. #1. On DA web Marketplace Go to Log into your DA Marketplace account ...
    • How can I use a promo code on the DA Marketplace?

      You can enter your promo code under the Order Summary page and click on the "Apply" button. Your promo code will be applied if the promotional conditions are met. Please note that the Promo Codes are not applicable for purchase of prescription ...
    • How can I raise a cancellation request?

      To raise a cancellation request, please contact us at Please note the following: Where cancellation policy is written in the item description, that policy would take precedence over the policy written in this FAQ. For ...
    • How do I add credits into my DA Wallet?

      There are 2 ways in which you can add credits into your DA Wallet. Method 1: At the point of purchase, when you are selecting your Payment Method, you can click on "Top Up Wallet" and input the top up amount. Method 2: You can also add credits into ...