Do I need to pay a delivery fee for my order?

Do I need to pay a delivery fee for my order?

There is currently no delivery fee charged for all purchases on DA Marketplace.
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    • Why did I only receive part of my order?

      Products that you have purchased may be from different sellers who are making the deliveries to you separately. If you have not received your orders within 7 working days, please contact the Doctor Anywhere customer service team here.
    • [Health Screening] What do I need to prepare for the screening?

      Our team will provide further information when they reach out to you to confirm the appointment.
    • [6ME] What documents do I need to prepare for the test?

      For our Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) 6 Month Screening, the documents listed below are required: MOM Medical Form (Hardcopy) Work Permit Card (Physical card)
    • How are products delivered to me?

      After confirming your product for purchase, do ensure that you have typed in the right delivery address. Your product will be delivered to your specified address within 7 working days, unless otherwise stated in the product description. The courier ...
    • [6ME] What happens if my Helper's results are positive?

      If your helper's VDRL (syphilis screen) is positive, we will have to see your helper at any of our partner clinics for a doctor's consultation and further confirmatory blood tests (Syphilis Antibody tests). This will incur additional charges; $20 - ...