Can I pay the subscription fee monthly?

Can I pay the subscription fee monthly?

The subscription fees for Healthwise and Healthwise Plus Plans are paid in full annually at the point of subscription. The subscription fees are as follows: Healthwise Plan: $18 per year Healthwise Plus Plan: $28 per year
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    • Can I terminate my subscription any time?

      You will not be able to terminate your existing subscription once you have purchased the subscription. You will continue to enjoy the subscription benefits until your current subscription plan expires at the end of the 12- month period.
    • What is the after-hour consultation fee?

      The after-hour consultation fee is applicable to GP video consultations outside standard hours: • Standard Hours (6:00am to 8:59pm): S$20 • After-Hours (9:00pm to 5:59am): S$45 Kindly note that the fees published are exclusive of GST, and are subject ...
    • How long is the subscription period?

      The Healthwise and Healthwise Plus Plans are year-long subscription plans that will be valid for 12 months from the date of your purchase.
    • Will my subscription auto-renew for the following year?

      Your subscription will not be automatically renewed for the next 12 months upon the expiration of your current subscription plan.
    • Why is an after-hour fee being introduced?

      Effective January 1, 2024, the after-hour consultation fee is representative of Doctor Anywhere’s first fee update since introducing telemedicine services in 2017. This adjustment is essential to sustain the delivery of consistent, high-quality ...