When and how will I receive my health screening results?

When and how will I receive my health screening results?

It may take up to 2 weeks for the results to be available. Once the health screening report is ready, a copy will be emailed to you.
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    • How will the doctor review my health screening results with me?

      Home-based: The review will be conducted over a video consultation on the DA app. You will receive instructions on how to schedule your doctor’s review together with your health screening report. In-clinic: The review will be conducted at the same ...
    • How soon after the test will I receive the results?

      You will receive your test results via email within 4 hours of the clinic receiving the results from the lab, usually between 24-30 hours after the test. We will send you the results to your registered email address. Please note that you will have to ...
    • How will I receive my ART test results and how fast will I receive them?

      Your ART test results will be sent over SMS/email within 4 hours of your consultation. It will be sent by HPB, and will also be updated in your TraceTogether and HealthHub app. For travellers doing their pre-departure test, you will receive a ...
    • How will my results be issued?

      Your results will be issued via email. The email will contain a QR code to your notarised results. You can also request for a hardcopy version of your results, at the clinic.
    • Do I need to fast before my health screening?

      Fasting is not required for DA health screening packages, based on general health screening guidelines by Ministry of Health (MOH).